Animal Care


Habitat or dog’s bed

Generally, they adapt to any place we give them, but they must have protection against wind and brusque changes of temperature; besides, it must be dry and sanitized periodically.

It is usually asked if it is better inside or outside, or if it is convenient they sleep on the owner’s bed, but the answer for this is: they get used to the place we give them but what they do not like is a change impairing their condition, for example: if they are used to sleeping inside the house and because of any reason they are made to sleep outside, they will probably cry the whole night (or many nights).

Important: protect them when they sleep from air currents and don’t cover them (long-haired dogs suffocate).

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When female dogs suffer from pseudo-pregnancy or false pregnancy, neutering is recommended to avoid mastitis, tumors and genital infections. [+]
Puppies’ breastfeeding.
It lasts between 40 to 60 days. It normally does not need assistance except it is noticeable that puppies cry a lot during the first or second [+]