Animal Care

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What to do with a wound

If it is bleeding, the first step is to stop hemorrhage by using a compress made of cotton and soaked up with oxygenated water 10 vol. pressing on the wound. Bleeding stops because of external pressure and not because of the oxygenated water, sugar or any other external chemical.

If it does not stop, you have to go to the veterinarian urgently. When bleeding stops, the wound is cleaned removing hair, dust and other foreign elements.
When the wound is bigger than 0.5 centimetres wide, it is advisable to take the animal to the veterinarian in case the wound is deep or near vital or delicate organs (eyes, mouth, throat, abdomen, thorax).

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When female dogs suffer from pseudo-pregnancy or false pregnancy, neutering is recommended to avoid mastitis, tumors and genital infections. [+]
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